Lead Teacher

Ms. Liz


A Wilmington, Delaware native, Ms. Liz has 19 years experience working with a variety of children. Ms. Liz has taught Preschool at our school for over four years and continues to “travel the globe” with her Preschool class during her monthly World Traveler themes. Liz invites Holly Oak Child Care friends to “stop in and see what the group is up to!”


Liz received much of her Early Childhood training at Wilmington College. She has also completed courses in TECE I and II, as well as earned certifications in CPR, First Aid and Medication.


When she is not at school, Ms. Liz likes to watch football, hike, cook, bake and listen to music. She is often found spending time with family and friends, whether sitting by a fire, playing horseshoes, surf fishing at the beach or traveling. 


Ms. Liz will be getting married next year. She is brushing up on her French, as she plans to honeymoon in Paris! 

Afternoon Teacher

Ms. Ethel


Pennsylvania native, Ms. Ethel has lived in Delaware with her daughters for 27 years.  She is also known to Holly Oak classmates as “Miss Apple” or “Giovanni’s Mom-Mom.”


For the past nine years, Ethel has come to work to prepare breakfast, lunch and snacks for our children. She is the MASTER of Grilled Cheese. When all are fed, and the kitchen is spotless, Ms. Ethel moves onto her next role as the afternoon teacher on our Preschool floor. Ethel plans fun and relaxing learning games and projects to keep the children active during the afternoon hours. The children often prepare their own tasty snacks as part of the curriculum.


Ethel is CPR, First Aid and Medication certified. She has taken several courses in the area of nutrition. Ethel completed TECE I and II.


On Wednesday mornings, Ethel spends her time bowling in a league. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. One can often see Ethel cutting a rug with the children (or when she is cooking and singing in the kitchen. She truly loves children and has worked in the area of child care for most of her life.