(6 weeks to 18 months and walking)


Overview of Program


Your baby’s health, safety and general welfare will be the first consideration of our caregivers. Our caregiver’s concern extends beyond maintenance or custodial care of your baby, as important as it is, to meeting the child’s social and emotional needs and providing interesting learning experiences!


Caregiving practices will be consistent and reliable; that is, they will not change drastically from day to day. In so far as possible our caregivers will try to care for the baby in ways similar to those used at home, considering that the situation is different and the individual caregiver may have a different style than the parent.


On a daily basis our staff will record the daily routine of the babies and provide the following information to the parent at the end of the day in a daily book maintained in the Infant Room:


  • Food: time, type of food, amount
  • Naps: time, length
  • Diaper checks: time of day, type
  • Medication: time, amount, who administered by
  • Outside play: time, length
  • General comments on activities, achievements, unusual behavior, etc.


Things to Bring on Your First Day

  • A written schedule of your child’s typical day (This will be updated and signed monthly or as needed)
  • Food: cereal and bottles, juice, formula, etc.
  • Sheets -2
  • Blanket - 1
  • Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, powder (whatever you use)
  • Change of clothes, extra undershirts
  • Bibs
  • Spoon
  • Bowl


Your child will be provided a cubby plus additional space in the closet for extra items i.e., food, dishes, etc. Also, a separate space in the refrigerator will be provided for cold items (bottles, formula). All personal items should be marked with the child's name.