The Pre-Kindergarten Room focuses on a specific weekly/bi-weekly unit theme. Curriculum requirements are subject to change.


Your First Day: Items to Bring

  • Regular crib sheet for cot/mat
  • Small blanket for naptime
  • Change of clothes: pants, shirt, underwear, socks, shoes
  • Old work shirt or flannel shirt for working with art materials
  • Composition notebook

All personal items should be marked with the child's name.


Pre-Kindergarten: Overview of Program

This class will focus on specific readiness skills for kindergarten. The children will be involved in hands-on activities, which encourage development in all curriculum areas.

  • Art: Monday -Friday
  • Sensory: Monday-Friday
  • Language and literacy: Monday-Friday
  • Group time activity: Monday-Friday
  • Music and rhythm: Monday-Friday
  • Science and nature investigation: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Math: Monday and Wednesday
  • Cooking: Once weekly
  • Computer: Monday-Friday with written approval from parent
  • Dramatic play: Monday-Friday
  • Blocks: Monday-Friday


Some of the concepts/skills, which will be encouraged in this classroom, include:

  • Letter recognition and Phonemic Awareness
  • Number recognition and matching 1 -20
  • Rote counting 1 -50
  • One to one correspondence 1 -20
  • Shape recognition and matching
  • Ability to use scissors
  • Ability to write name and copy shapes from example
  • Knows address, phone number
  • Social problem-solving skills
  • Large motor skills: balancing, pumping legs on swings, hopping and jumping
  • Fine motor skills -pre-writing activities, manipulative play, playdough, scissors, markers, etc.
  • Language